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Pain in your neck, back, hips and shoulders is something a lot of us learn to just deal with... until it starts impacting the way we live.


Is it becoming difficult to get through the day without feeling miserable by the end of it? Maybe it's impacting your work life, home life or doing your favorite hobby. Are you tired of dealing with it but looking for more than just a short-lived solution?

At Studio Physica, meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy one-on-one to address the source of you aches and pains.

Our Physical Therapy Program gets you:

  • 1-hour Sessions

  • Hands-On Care

  • Practical Exercises

  • Video Based Home Programs

  • Telehealth Follow-Ups


If you complete a full plan of care to reach your goals... 

you get a FREE MASSAGE!

This is not your typical Physical Therapy.
Learn practical approaches to recovering from
back and neck pain.
Because when you're hurting, you learn to deal with it... until it stops you from doing what you need to do everyday.
If you're having difficulty with daily activities
at home or at work, come see us.


click where it hurts the most

"Dr. Northey has built an amazing clinic to meet the health needs of NWA!"

-Brooke D.


Designer and mother of three

I have had chronic neck pain for years with countless doctor and chiropractor visits that were unsuccessful on fixing the problem. This pain was affecting everything I did. After seeing Dr. Northey, he taught me methods that truly corrected the problem and I am pain free! I am more knowledgeable on the cause and I now have solutions. He really heard me and truly cares for his patients.

I had too many former and reoccurring ailments (tennis elbow, shoulder bursitis, back pain, plantar fasciitis) to chance new workouts on my own. With Studio Physica, I've been able to create a plan and receive training and feedback with an expert in the field - exactly what I needed for my health journey.

Studio Physica is the most well thought out private med spa I have been fortunate enough to go to. It is very private and intimate place where they take customer service to a level from the moment you walk in the door...

...They are absolutely amazing and I wish I could say more but I will just highly recommend trying out Studio Physica where you aren't just a member but part of the family.

Caroline M.



Banker and father of one